Roofing Inspection

We specialize in real estate transaction inspections.
We offer real estate sale reports, re-roofs and new gutter installation. Our experienced roofers will inspect the roof for visible defects or needed repairs and send you a complete, detailed report. We can handle all of your roofing needs, from small repairs to complete re-roofs and flat walking decks. We guarantee quality workmanship at a fair price and the outstanding personal service we are known for.

Roof Reports

Roof reports are extremely useful and one of the most cost-effective ways to help prevent damage to your home. A typical roof inspection includes a good look at the existing roof system, approximate age, and an opinion of the condition of various parts of the roof, such as field surfaces, flashing, valleys, and ventilation. The report will also list any needed maintenance and an estimate for the work. We offer a two year leak-free guarantee if the roof is found to be water-tight at the time of inspection or if we perform all recommended repairs. Re-roofs are guaranteed for five years.

Need a New Roof? Here’s What to Consider

Roof Types

There several important things to consider first when re-roofing. Durability and cost top the list, followed by appearance and architectural style. Fiberglass asphalt roofs, also known as asphalt composition roofs, and tile roofs are the most common types in the Bay Area.

Fiberglass Asphalt Shingles

Most sloped roofs in the Bay Area are asphalt shingle roofs, which are made of a fiberglass mat sandwiched between layers of asphalt and topped with a mineral granule. Some important points:

  • Asphalt shingles are available with life expectancies from 20 to 50 years.
  • Most fiberglass shingles have a Class A fire rating, which means they have the highest resistance to fire.
  • Asphalt shingle roofs are usually the least expensive, but the expected life can be the same or better than some more expensive roof types.


We install a variety of Certainteed and GAF because they are readily available, high quality shingles that perform well in the Bay Area and come in a good selection of styles and colors.

  • CertainTeed asphalt shingles, including the popular Presidential Shake™ and durable Landmark™ Triple Laminate lines come in a variety of colors. Check out the Colorview Design Tool to create your own look.
  • Presidential Solaris™ shingles are ENERGY STAR® rated and may qualify for a rebate from your local utility company. Solaris’ innovative technology is designed to reflect the sun’s rays for a cooler, energy-saving roof and comes with a lifetime limited transferable residential warranty.


GAF Elk and Timberline roofing systems offer many possibilities at an affordable cost. You can use the GAF® Roof Wizard for a quick and easy way to pick your new roof. Owens-Corning Duration® and Duration® Premium ENERGY STAR® rated shingles can lower your utility bills and are available with 30 year or lifetime manufacturer warranties.

Concrete & Clay Tile

Tile roofs are among the most durable roof surfaces available and may carry 50 year or even lifetime manufacturer warranties. Material and installation is more expensive than fiberglass asphalt shingles. Tile roofs are heavy. If you are replacing another type of roof system with a tile roof, we will need to verify that the roof structure can support the additional weight.

Boral Cedarlite® 600 and Madera 700 concrete roof tiles offer the ultimate cedar shake replacement. They deliver the rustic look of wood shake while adding the superior features of tile and offer greater energy efficiency than standard asphalt shingle roofs. The España 600 series reflects the classic style of Spanish architecture and offers a good complement to Mission architectural styling. Boral lightweight clay roof tiles deliver natural beauty with outstanding durability.


Have questions? Our roofers can help walk you through the decision process to pick the roof that fits best.

Other Roof Types

A variety of alternative roofing materials are available, including cedar shake, metal, synthetic and slate. Our roofers can provide you with additional information on these roofs as well as samples of the actual materials.

Solar Panels

Specialty Inspections has partnered with ILUM Solar, a full-service solar company that offers solar energy solutions for homes and businesses.

ILUM Solar: Designing and delivering solar installations that light your life and bring you peace of mind.

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